Paradigms and Processes by Arnold Wilson

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Paradigms and Processes by Arnold Wilson


Coming Soon from IPBooks: Paradigms and Processes by Arnold Wilson 

I. Paradigms and Processes

1) Ghosts of Paradigms Past

2) Affect and the Compulsion to Repeat

3)  Dynamic Interpersonal Processes and the Inpatient Setting

4) Theorizing about Theorizing -- Grossman

5)  Mapping the Minds of Relational Psychoanalysis


II. Observations on Analyzability

1) Analyzability Redux

2) Disorders of Internalization

3) Analytic Preparation

4) Levels of Narcissism

5) A Conjoint Phase


III. Vygotsky and Psychoanalysis

1) Language and Interiorization

2) The Origins of Mind

3) Language and the Psychoanalytic Process

4) Transference and the Zone of Proximal Development


IV. The Epigenetic Assessment Rating System (EARS)

1) EARS Scoring Manual

2) Explorations in Presubjectivity

3) Cocaine Addiction paper

4) Postpartum Depression paper

5) Urban Adolescents paper


V. Surviving the Holocaust

1) Aftermath of the Concentration Camp

2) On Silence and the Holocaust


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